Benzini stone and sandstone products are individually handcrafted in our Gold Coast factory using the finest grade of sandstone, with natural pigments infused right through the product. With a Benzini sandstone piece, beauty is much more than skin deep. It is a natural living product, and like a good wine, your investment will actually improve with age.

Superior raw materials that are sourced in the Gold Coast hinterland give a high strength and quality to the Benzini product. The sandstone is crushed, washed graded and mixed with cement and natural pigments then hand pressed or rammed into moulds to recreate the natural look of stone and sandstone with the added advantage of strength and flexibility of design.

The greatest care is taken in all stages of preparation and production to ensure no contaminates appear on any of our product to provide you with a clean natural looking product. We use galvanised steel reinforcing in our urns and water feature pieces as well as interior sealing for either planting or water feature use before delivery and included in the price.

Traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail is reflected in every piece. All our products are crafted using a unique process that ensures an extremely high degree of strength and durability while maintaining perfect shape and uniformity, for a perfect end result.

Benzini products' flexibility and variety allow an individual to achieve their own unique stunning look which is also functional and practical.