Benzini Australia

Precast Seating – the preferred choice for commercial landscaping

Designing or specifying precast concrete over insitu is becoming more popular. As such Benzini has completed many successful precast seating projects over the past years. Complex formwork, designer mixes / aggregates and finishes are what we specialise in.


  1.     Precast is manufactured in a controlled casting environment it is easier to control the formwork, mix, placement, and curing
  2. Shop drawing process eliminates on-site surprises
  3.         Quality product - Off-site manufacture means high quality
  4.         Weather is eliminated as a factor-you can cast in any weather and get the same results, which allows you to perfect mixes and methods
  5.         Many surface finishes, shapes and patterns available
  6.         Less onsite labour is required 
  7.         On site, precast can be installed to fit precisely into the program facilitating scheduling.
  8.         Repeatability-it's easy to make many copies of the same precast product; by maximizing repetition, you can get plenty of value from a mould and a set-up
  9.         Accelerated curing, by heating the precast parts, greatly increases strength gain, reducing the time between casting the part and putting it into service
  10.         Durable - High strength, factory produced, long life precast concrete offers the ultimate outcome with minimal maintenance