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The duo didn't think it was enough to be able create a complete watch by hand. The final product must at least be comparable to watches produced with modern production machinery.

The Hand Made 1, featuring hours/minutes/seconds and a tourbillon, is not simply a recreation of an existing calibre by hand. The Hand Made 1 represents a complete overhaul in the way Rolex Replica Watches created watches. It is completely re-created from scratch. The 272 movement parts and 36 case pieces are all hand-made, from the construction of the movement,Rolex Replica Watches through traditional machining, to the finishing by hand.

In this case, time was of no importance. The complete tourbillon cage took 35 times as long to build than a high-end standard tourbillon. A single screw took up to 8 hours and 12 separate operations. Hand-making a wheel for the Hand Made 1 is 600 times more time consuming than a high-end, industrial wheel.

The carriage of the tourbillon was one of the biggest challenges of this project. It was impossible to reproduce the same geometry on a CNC machine using a traditional jigborer, so more parts were needed to build the mechanism.

Rolex Replica Watches also is surprisingly open about the parts they did not handcraft, such as the sapphires crystals, case gaskets, spring bars, jewels, and mainspring.

Only two or three Hand Made 1 timepieces will be produced in 18K white gold.Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica They are a modest 43.5mm. You'll see the words Hand Made at 6 o’clock instead of Swiss Made.