Features and benefits of Benzini Precast Concrete

Efficiency & Convenience


All products are made off site in our manufacturing plant. This means your project team can focus on all other areas of the construction or landscaping and simply phone us when they are ready for the product to be delivered to site. Installation is simple and quick.

There will be no concrete trucks, weeks of building the form work, concrete dust or long delays due to bad weather. Product is delivered with showroom finish as products are packed and freighted to any location.


Quality & Accuracy


Most precast products can be cast upside down to provide the smoothest finish possible. All sealing, honing, polishing, sandblasting and painting is performed in the factory with stringent quality control checks and measures at every stage of manufacturing.

As precast concrete is designed and cast exactly to the Architects and engineers specifications, it ensures the product fits the desired location to the millimetre while giving designers the flexibility to create shapes that could otherwise be impossible casting on site.


Safety & strength


Benziniproducts are manufactured and certified and adhere to engineering requirements. All shop drawings are checked by client and or third party engineers to ensure the product can be safely lifted and moved to its final destination. Production line cross-checks during mould making, cage setting, pre and post casting are done to ensure the product will possess the desired finish and structural integrity to withstand the loads it was designed for.

Resilience is paramount in any urban infrastructure projects. Precast concrete street bollards and planter boxes are perfect pedestrian protection. Additionally precast concrete is not only fire resistant, it can be designed to withstand chemical or environmental erosion such as saltwater far more than steel, timber or other synthetic materials.


Energy efficient


While new innovative designs in precast concrete are always coming to market, the general longevity of concrete makes it a formidable eco friendly product. Concrete is also one of the best products for keeping things worm or cool depending on the application and preference.